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Due to recent scams on Kijiji and other pet sites, we are limiting our communications SOLELY to our allpointsneva@gmail.com and "Contact Us" page. If you have been in contact with anyone claiming to be All Points Neva not through our official channels, please contact us.

We are a family owned cattery. We believe that our cats are part of the family and should be treated as such.

As mentioned, we are a mother-daughter owned cattery. Our queens are located in Campbellford & Victoria Harbour in Ontario, Canada. Normally we welcome visits at both locations, however please contact us regarding current cattery visitation restrictions during COVID-19. 

We love our cats! We ensure our cats have the best food and environment. They are often around children and other pets and would make great family pets for anyone willing to love them.

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ below:


Frequently asked questions

I see there are no available kittens. How do I reserve a kitten?

Great question! Our Waitlists for 2021 & 2022 are full. We will be sending updates through our newsletter, so please sign up for updates there!

Does my kitten come declawed or fixed?

No. We do require signature of a contract indicating you will fix the kitten and will not use it for breeding purposes (see FAQ below if you are interested in purchasing a kitten with breeding rights). We also require that none of our kittens are declawed.

How much is a kitten?

Our kittens start at $2,200 CAD. They come microchipped, dewormed and have their first & second set of shots (and two vet visits!). They are registered with the TICA cattery. We also provide a 2 year health guarantee.

Do you ship your kittens? Will you deliver?

Normally we do ship our kittens for a fee within North America, however with the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that option may not be currently available. For an updated status on whether we're able to ship feel free to contact us. We do not deliver our kittens at this time. Currently the kittens are available for pickup outdoors at our two locations for safety during this unprecedented time.

Can I visit before picking a kitten?

Normally we welcome visits to both cattery locations, however with the current COVID-19 pandemic both locations are closed for visits. Purchased kittens are avaliable for pick-up outdoors on the cattery property for safety purposes.

Do you sell your kittens with breeding rights?

Yes, we do sell kittens with breeding rights. For more information including pricing feel free to contact us.

What food do you recommend I feed my kitten?

The food you choose to feed your kitten is a personal decision.
There are many good quality foods, including some with healthy grains and some
without grain. You can feed dry food, canned, raw, or a combination.
Some foods are nutrient based and others are ingredient based. At All Points Neva we
prefer meat at the top of the list.
The most expensive food does not guarantee the best quality, but the cheapest foods
are usually very poor quality.
Check what foods are available in your area. Show photos of the ingredient labels of the
foods that you are considering to your veterinarian and he can help you decide what is
best for your kitten.
We will send you home with plenty of food so that you can switch to your preferred
When introducing a new food do it over a 2 week period to avoid diarrhea. Slowly
increase the new food and decrease the current food at each meal until at the end of
the 2 weeks the kitten is eating only his new food.

How do I test for allergies using your free fur sample?

One way people test for any allergic reactions to the fur is by rubbing the sample on
their skin (some like to use their cheek).

This test is done in the following steps:
1. Rub the fur on the skin for a short time.
2. If there is no reaction wash the area and test again but increase the time the fur is in
contact with the skin.
3. If there is still no reaction keep repeating this test - gradually increasing the time the fur is
on the skin.
Wash and wait at least 15 min between tests.
Keep doing this until you are confident that there are no allergic reactions.

What supplies should I buy to prepare for my new kitten?

There are many great products available for cats, but for starters here are a list of supplies you may want to consider getting. Essential supplies:
- Cat carrier
- Litter box and litter *
- Cat bed
- Food and water dish **
- Grooming equipment i.e brush, comb, nail clippers, etc.
- Scratching post
- Cat toys
- Cat tree
Optional supplies: - A window cat perch. Cats love to watch what's going on outside. - Wheatgrass. Cats love to eat it! - A breakaway collar. Collars can tangle the fur around the neck. But if you decide to use a collar make sure it is a breakaway collar for safety.
*If you have a dog do not get clumping litter. If you have a large home you should have
more than one litter box. The general rule is one box per cat plus an extra box. Place
the litter boxes in different spots.
**You may want to consider a water fountain instead of a water bowl. Cats love fresh
running water.

Are Neva Masquerades a crossbreed?

No, today Neva Masquerades are not a crossbreed. Both parents of a Neva Masquerade are 100% Siberian, but at least one of the parents must have the colourpoint to produce the Neva Masquerade colouring.
The Neva Masquerade is typically all white except for several “points” of black, grey or
brown colouring on their face, paws, and ears. This type of colouring is referred to as
“colourpoint”. The blue eyes are also a distinguishing characteristic as most traditional
Siberians have yellow or green eyes.
In the 1980’s the colourpoint gene from Birman and Siamese breeds were added to
traditional Siberians, thus resulting in the Neva Masquerade colouring.
So where does the name Neva Masquerade come from? The name originates from the
fact that they were bred along the Neva river near St. Petersburg, where many
masquerade parties took place. The dark colouring on the Neva Masquerade’s face
resembles the mask worn by attendees of masquerade parties.