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Like most Siberians, Neva Masquerades are great with children and other pets. They are very gentle in nature and intelligent - they will even respond to their name! They don't mind being alone, but love spending time with their people as well. 

They reach maturity around 3-5 years, but once they do get to full size, females get to be about 8-13lbs and males can get as big as 22lbs! 


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LIEV - Our in-house male, Liev carries a Champion title. He loves to headbutt and is a very cuddly male who just loves... love.
Check out his impressive Pedigree

Zolotaya 7 month old.jpeg

ZOLOTAYA - Zolo is one big boy, with an even bigger purr! He loves to follow you around the house waiting for any opportunity to jump on your lap and cuddle. 



MEEKA - The wisest of the crew, Meeka loves to cuddle and is one smart cookie. Meeka is a Blue Point with White and darker features than the rest and has a bright personality!

Meeka will be retiring in the fall of 2022.

Tasi .jpeg

TASI - Tasi is a beautiful Blue Point who is the very definition of a lap cat! She absolutely loves being with people, and will follow you around to find an opportunity to jump up and snuggle as soon as you sit down.

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SCARLETT - The beauty of the group, Scarlett loves keeping herself in top shape. When she isn't wrestling with her housemates, Scarlett loves to cuddle with her favourite little person in the house


ZOEY - Zoey is a Torbie who might not be a kitten anymore, but she doesn't seem to know that! She is a big suck who loves to cuddle and play. Her kittens are very playful like their mom and have the same unique colouring as her.


KUINI - Kuini is a Blue Lynx Point with Gloves. She is a sweetheart who loves being around her other housemates. She is a very devoted mom who makes sure her kittens are taken care of.


PENELOPE (PENNY) - Penny's personality is as bright as her big blue eyes! She loves everyone, human and feline alike. This Blue Torbie Point with White has a loud purr to match her loving demeanour.


COCONUT (COCO) - Our curious Coco is a Blue Golden Shaded Torbie Point with studding features! She has a very sweet personality, even her vet takes extra time to get some snuggles in!