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Like most Siberians, Neva Masquerades are great with children and other pets. They are very gentle in nature and intelligent - they will even respond to their name! They don't mind being alone, but love spending time with their people as well. Neva Masquerades are the offspring of cross breeding Siberian, Siamese and Birman cats.


They reach maturity around 3-5 years, but once they do get to full size, females get to be about 11-13lbs and males can get as big as 22lbs! 

LIEV - Our in-house male, Liev carries a Champion title. He loves to headbutt and is a very cuddly male who just loves... love.
Check out his impressive Pedigree

MEEKA - The wisest (and oldest) of the crew, Meeka loves to cuddle and is one smart cookie. Meeka is a Seal Point, with darker features than the rest, but a bright personality!

SCARLETT - The beauty of the group, Scarlett loves keeping herself in top shape. When she isn't wrestling with her housemates, Scarlett loves to cuddle with her favourite little person in the house

KEESA - Scarlett's sister, Keesa loves to play. Keesa is a Blue/Golden Lynx point Tabby. She is very much like her sister, and plays well with others too!

LADDU - The youngest of the Queens, Laddu is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. She loves to chat and play fetch with anything she can get her paws on.

MISCHA - Our newest addition to the All Points Family, Mischa is adapting quickly to her new home and loves having other cats and kids around!

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